4 simple ways men can amp up their style this season

It’s easy to fall into a fashion rut and become used to reaching for the same style shirt and pants every day. But adding spice to your wardrobe can go a long way in getting you noticed. According to Forbes Magazine, the men’s fashion industry is on the rise and each year men are spending more and more on clothing. Being the most stylish man in the room isn’t about wearing the trendiest clothes or most expensive brands, though. Finding ways to put a modern twist on classic elements can give you a subtle fashion edge that’ll be turning heads. Here are four simple ways men can add luxury and class to their wardrobe without wasting money on fashion fads.

1. Add a pop of color to your suit

While your uniform may consist of suits and ties each day, a small pop of color can go a long way in making you stand out from the crowd while still looking professional. Men’s fashion trends to veer towards neutral colors so even a minor item such as a pocket square or colored and patterned socks become the perfect way to liven up your outfit and reflect your personal style.

If you do wear a pocket square, make sure you know to fold it correctly! Figuring how to properly pair brightly colored socks with a dark toned suit doesn’t have to be a challenge, though. Check out how VK Nagrani men’s sock collection answers that purpose.

2. Take care of your shoes 

Dress shoes can be an expensive, so make sure you take care of your investment by shining them and finding a cobbler to repair the soles as needed. While scuffed shoes may seem like an easy thing to overlook, it can make or break an outfit, particularly in the eyes of women. A recent study reported by the Huffington Post revealed a majority of women judge a man’s personality, attention to detail and fashion sense by his shoes, and over a third of women will gauge a man’s financial status based on his shoes. This study proves that creating a gentlemanly appearance has a lot to do with keeping your footwear looking sharp and new.

shining shoes reflects personality

To achieve the perfect look, shoes should be shined about once every two weeks, according to GQ Magazine. Whether you shine them with an at-home kit or pay a professional, the process is a simple way to extend the life of your shoes by years and give you a noticeable style boost.

formal body outfits3. Well-Tailored Clothes

Esquire Magazine reported a study that showed women were more likely to find men in well-tailored suits attractive. Most off the rack clothes found in department stores only come in a few sizes. While you are sometimes lucky enough to find the perfect fit, it’s not uncommon for these items to not be proportioned correctly to your body.

Dressing for your body type can make a big difference in your appearance and your confidence level. There are more and more boutique shops and brands that cater to special sizes nowadays, though. But when it comes to menswear, finding a good tailor can make a world of difference. Even small alterations can take your favorite button down or pants from frumpy to dapper. Suits in particularly should always be tailored close to the body. The right tailor will be able to transform even an ill-fitting hand me down suit into your most flattering outfit.

4. Match your belt to shoes

It’s an age old adage, but the one simple step of matching your belt to your shoes can go a long way in making your outfit cohesive. Investing in a variety of black and brown leather shoes and belts will make sticking to this trick a breeze. A more formal occasion also calls for them to be similar in leather finish.

touch of luxuryIf you are wearing a watch with a leather band, aim to match it to the color of your belt and shoes as well. Metal watch bands will luckily go with any color but should be the same color metal as your cufflinks if you’re wearing them. While black and brown will always be the easy choices, oxblood red will complement neutral suit tones as well.

Great style doesn’t always have to mean buying the latest trendy items or committing to a complete overhaul of your closet. Keep your fashion choices simple yet classy by adding a pop of color to your usual outfit, keeping your shoes shiny like new, tailoring items to achieve a flattering silhouette and matching your basic items such as belt and shoes to tie the look together.