Girl Power According to Eva Redpath, Our Favourite Nike Master Trainer.

We can’t think of anyone more motivating, inspirational – and not to mention, a killer body to aspire to, than Nike Master Trainer, Eva Redpath. This Spring, Nike has launched a campaign that is taking Toronto women by storm. Girls everywhere are setting their alarms to before sunrise, aka 5am, to workout on rooftops in the city to be #BetterForIt. It’s an ingenious way to create a sense of community within the NTC family. Misery loves company, right? Well, we asked Eva why the heck anyone should bother saying “no thank you” to a few more hours of sleep and “gimme more” to burpees. Her answers just might inspire you to think of the morning in a totally new light.

KENTON: What is your definition of “girl power”? 

EVA REDPATH: For me, “girl power” means women coming together to support, motivate and empower each other.  As Nike Canada’s First Master Trainer, I get to see this happen every day through the NTC community. With the NTC app and the live classes, women are coming together to  set and conquer their fitness goals together, and keep one and another committed along the way. Right now, we’re even groups of girlfriends wake up at 5am to do early morning NTC live classes together  before dawn. If that isn’t girl power, I don’t know what is!


K: Why are most people afraid of waking up at 5am to do a high-intensity workout? 

ER: Fitting in workouts can be challenging even for the most dedicated athletes, which is why morning workouts and community are so critical to staying committed and achieving results. However, waking up before dawn can be a challenge for some  women because it’s related to stepping outside of your comfort zone and setting a new routine. To make early morning workouts stick, you need to set new healthy habits that will leave you feeling stronger and more prepared when the alarm clock rings to stay focused on the intentions you set for yourself for that day, like that morning workout.  


K: What are some of the benefits of the new NTC early morning program? 

ER: As much as we believe at Nike that it’s never too late to start, we also think it’s never too early. We’re encouraging women to kick start their days earlier with us because we believe that having your workout done before dawn means you’re less likely to get busy in your day and skip workouts, and the more consistent and committed you are, the better the results. Sweating it out first thing in the morning also leads to increased productivity, concentration at work and school and can help you maximize your day as we lead into the busy summer season.


K: How do you “break” your routine? 

ER: Through my career as a trainer, I’ve learned that you have to be willing to try new things in order to exceed your perceived potential and discover that you’re stronger than you think you are. The same is true in life and for me, the mental and physical challenges I face in training, give me the strength and perseverance to overcome the obstacles – big and small – I encounter in my day-to-day life.


K: What’s the best way to prepare for and recover after an early morning NTC session? 

ER: It’s really important to set new healthy habits that will make rolling out of bed in the mornings a little easier. What it really comes down to is planning and preparedness. For example, packing your gym bag and laying out your training clothes the night before can help. It’s also important to increase your water intake during the evening and adjust your sleep schedule to accommodate for the earlier than normal wake-up call.

An early workout can often mean skipping the coffee and fuel-up beforehand, which means what you eat for dinner night before and immediately after your workout is all the more critical. My recovery food of choice is a quick smoothie packed with healthy carbs and proteins to aid muscle recovery.

K: How can women sign-up for NTC live classes?

ER: To register, check out Nike Toronto’s city page for full event details: