Planning the Perfect Birthday for Your Spouse

Year after year, planning a memorable birthday for your spouse gets harder and harder. Everyone wants to do something special for their partner, but doing it every year can leave you out of ideas. But planning a successful birthday isn’t always about planning something new and extravagant to outdo your celebration from the previous year. Sometimes, the best birthdays are just the ones that demonstrate your full understanding of your spouse in that way that no one else can. In need of some inspiration? We have your guide to planning the perfect birthday for your spouse here. Take a look:

Finding the Perfect Gift

Of course, the first thing you’ll need to figure out is the gift. At this point together, you probably have a pretty good grasp of what your spouse has and doesn’t have. If they’re like most people, they probably don’t need any more junk that comes from a Brookstone store. Try to think of something unique that serves a purpose. A great pair of cufflinks is nice, but is he ever going to wear them? Something unexpected like luxury VK Nagrani over the calf socks are a unique idea. They have fun patterns and are made with ultra-high quality materials and craftsmanship, so they’re a delight to wear on a daily basis. They add some flavor to an otherwise uninteresting ensemble, and they’re easy to pull off. It’s the perfect way to give something that’s both useful and creative.

Party, Activity, Outing, or Nada

Aside from picking out the perfect gift, you’ll need to think about whether your spouse is a party person, always on the hunt for a fun new activity, wants to head out on an outing, or would rather relax at home for a nice day off. There are plenty of online resources like TimeOut that can provide ideas for fun things to do in your area, with some great recommendations for Valentine’s Day activities. Pick out a Groupon or LivingSocial deal for a couple’s cooking class, trapeze lessons, or something else you’ve never tried.

If you think your spouse would prefer a daycation, try heading out to a nearby destination you’ve never been to. If there’s a view, pack a picnic and some champagne and it’s bound to be a nice memory.

And if you want to go forward with a party, there’s obviously a lot to consider.

Figure Out the Scale

When you decide to throw a birthday party for your spouse, you should try to take as much initiative as you can to be the planner. As well intentioned as it might be, nobody wants to end up planning their own birthday party. That being said, you should still ask for input on the scale of the party, who to invite, what sort of venue would be most ideal, and other factors like that. While a surprise party is nice in theory, the best parties are the ones that have a little buildup and excitement. And by planning the party out in the open, you can make sure that your spouse gets the perfect celebration they deserve.

Add a Personal Touch

Planning the perfect birthday is about showing how well you know your spouse and understand what makes them happy. Adding a personal touch to the festivities can be anything from preparing their favorite dinner, creating a personalized present that is made just for them, or planning a day to do something they’ve been talking about doing for years. While we’ll stop short of saying “it’s the thought that counts”, at least showing that you’ve put in some thought is important.

Follow this guide and your spouse is bound to have the perfect birthday celebration, no matter what you end up planning.