Weekly Want: Gap Leather Crossbody Tote

It may feel like the dead of winter outside, but Spring is around the corner, not to mention Fashion Week season! To prepare for what’s coming, we have our eyes on Gap‘s new leather crossbody tote bag. Made of smooth, genuine leather, the versatile bag is perfect for running around the city and it makes for a chic carry-all from show to show during fashion week.

We favor the “black snake” printed style. It makes an eye-catching statement and as you know (you do know, right?), snake print serves as great neutral print that literally goes with everything. Trust. The bag is available in four other color ways, including Letterman Orange, Cognac, Classic Grey and True Black.

The Gap Leather Crossbody Tote is available for $120 at gap.com. See all of the colors below:

gap leather tote crossbody classic grey gap leather tote crossbody true black gap leather tote crossbody leatterman orange gap leather tote crossbody cognac