Why You Should Invest in Designer Underwear

Many people see something a little silly in the concept of designer underwear. What’s the point in spending significant money on something so few people will ever see? (Unless you’re going to take pains to flash that branded waistband.) Especially something that’s already available so cheaply.

But keep in mind, when you pay a little extra for a designer product, you’re not just paying for the brand name. Designer means quality: better design, better materials, and better construction. Your underwear is important – and no, not just in the bedroom, gentlemen. It forms the foundation of your outfit, and how you present yourself. So with all that in mind, here’s a few advantages you can expect if you decide to invest in designer underwear.


Style expert and fashion blogger The Style Guy recently fielded a question about different underwear styles. The reader complained that after trying multiple different styles and cuts, he still hadn’t found anything more comfortable than going commando. The Style Guy’s response? “You’ve tried every style…have you tried every size?” 

If you’re still at the point in your life, whether due to budget or due to taste, that you’re still buying briefs in packs of ten, you probably never gave much thought to underwear sizing. Small, medium, large, and briefs or boxers, right? Wrong. And welcome to the first advantage of buying high-quality underwear. Name brands and designers, like VK Nagrani’s underwear for men, have more detailed sizing with better fitted waistbands and cup sizes, to make sure you get exactly the fit and support you need. Better fitted underwear will help add polish to your outfit: men can have visible panty lines too. It also brings us to our next point:


Comfort is the first and most important thing you think of when it comes to picking your underpants. The proper fit a high quality designer offers goes a long way towards comfort and support, but there’s some other factors at play as well. Materials can make all the difference: no one wants too much sweat or chafing. Most designer brands are still mainly cotton, true, but not all cotton is created equal. Paying a little more guarantees you the best quality materials: quality cotton or even silk blends. Most designers incorporate some stretchy synthetics, too, to add a bit more shape and support.

Shape and support also come from good quality construction. Where seams are placed, how pieces are cut, and even how the seams are stitched, all have an impact on keeping you supported and comfortable. Even if those boxers or Y-fronts have always felt fine before, you’ll be amazed at the difference some real tailoring can make once you’ve tried it out for the first time.

Buying designer will give you a wider range of option in styles, too. You’re used to boxers or briefs – have you ever tried out boxer-briefs, a popular hybrid with a little more coverage and just as much support? Or maybe longer, fitted trunks are more your style, to stay smooth and comfortable under your favorite slim-fit jeans.


Durability goes hand in hand with good quality construction. Everyone’s used to having a pair of underwear reach the end of its life span and start sprouting little threads of broken elastic, but the quality of that elastic has everything to do with how long you have before that happens. Durability is where you’ll really get your money’s worth by paying a little more for quality: think of it as an investment, not a splurge. When you buy designer quality, you get a better constructed, longer lasting product that’s stretch and stain resistant, and those high-quality materials will long outlast cheap cotton from a plastic package. It’s easy to start thinking of inexpensive underwear as disposable, rather than a piece of clothing that should have a good, useful lifespan. Don’t fall into that trap – spend a little more for the good quality, and you’ll save money in the long run.

A Few Final Words

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking buying designer means paying for the brand name on the waistband! Buying designer, even designer underwear, means thinking long-term: investing more money now in a good-quality product that will pay off in the long run. It also means paying attention to the details, and putting thought and care into the foundation you base your appearance and outward presentation on. Leave the department store value-packs behind, and get yourself the quality and comfort you deserve.